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Western Conf

Cedar Valley CourtKings—— The CourtKings are on a roll as they seem to be dominating the competition. Wakefield Ellision will be headed to the Africa pro basketball league as he got signed by the Lagos Warriors out of Lagos Nigeria.

Chicago Fury——— The Chicago Fury just cant find a win in Minnesota but rumor has it John Taylor should be returning soon in which this can result in a whole new ball game for opposing teams.

Lincoln Lions———-The Lincoln Lions are yet to win a game but you cant sleep on these guys because a lot of ther games have been close. Will owner Bonnie Walker make a late push to bring in a few big names before the trade deadline? Only time will tell.

Milwaukee Storm———After just a few games the Storm seized operations due to undisclosed issues. The branding division teams will be taking over the remaining schedule for the storm so please watch for changes.

Minnesota Broncos———— Rumor has it that Broncos guard Kavaarian Williams could be on the trading block just after finishing last season as top 5 scorer in the league.

Minnesota PitBulls———– The winless Pitbulls will be on the road going to take on the Kentucky Flash this weekend but the question is will this team be able to pull things together are will this just be a building season for them. After talking with owner Williams hes confident his guys still has what it takes to slip into the playoffs on July 1,2 in Waterloo, IA.

Minnesota Rangers—————The Rangers after falling to the Cedar Valley CourtKings in last years championship game has bounced back strong as they have yet to suffer a defeat. These guys have been clicking on all cylinders but suffered a big blow as guard David Hicks was injured in a preseason matchup against the Springfield Panthers. You can keep up with all the latest news from ranger nation at

Eastern Conf

Central Indiana Crusaders——–The Crusaders could be a team that can really turn things up once they get the chemistry built. Look for Central Indiana to make a push for a star caliber player before deadline.

Dayton Airstrikers———-Joe Thomasson picked up right where he left off once he made it back from the NBA D-league by scoring at will. Their is no other news to report at this time.

Fort Wayne Vision———The Vision has surprised everyone with their 7-1 start but with the defending champions Cedar Valley CourtKings coming into town this weekend they will be tested.

Indiana Dream———-The Indiana Dream will be looking to add Philip freeman to the roster to try and help push them into the playoffs. The Dream put up a solid performance against the defending eastern conf champions a few weeks back but has yet to pull away from competition in the standings.

Indiana Fury———–Owner Kae Ferguson has done a great job rebuilding this Fury team and despite the record their guard play can really take them to the next level.

Kentucky Flash————Got word the Flash will be looking to sign an explosive guard to the backcourt so should the East be worried? We will find out this weekend I guess.

Springfield Panthers———– The Panthers are looking to build chemistry but once they reach their peak you better watch out.

Branding Division

Chicago Knights———- Coach David Johnson thinks his group is ready to make a run in the MBL after picking up a road win in Louisville KY against the Kentucky Flash 111-108. It remains to be seen on how the season will go for the Knights but coach Johnson said in so many words the Game Changers of Wisconsin better look out.

Chicago Legends———- The Chicago Legends are a talented team and should make a push toward the playoffs in August for branding league championship game.

MBL Select———-After picking up a solid win against the Broncos 91-90 the MBL Select team will have stiff competition coming up on mothers day as they will be traveling down to Waterloo, IA to do battle against the #1 ranked CourtKings. The Select team has a slight chance of winning at the Plex but time will tell as May 14th is right around the corner.

Milwaukee Wizards———- This could be a long season for the Wizards unless they make some key additions before the deadline. Not to make it any better the Wizards had a tough schedule out the gate by facing the #1 ranked branding division Game Changers multiple times within the last month.

Minnesota Arctic Blast———– The Arctic Blast started the season off a little shaky but will be expected to get better with some possible key players coming in to the organization.

North Minneapolis Eagles————-The North Minneapolis Eagles are a young and talented group of young men playing with a purpose to the rest of the league that they belong with the big boys. The Eagles have a deadly shot from behind the arc so if you get caught sleeping the game could turn ugly real quick.

TC Elite———-The TC Elite is coached by former WNBA star Tamara Moore who has not only played at a high level but have also coached her guys to a 4-1 star with their only loss coming last wekend against the Wisconsin Game Changers 132-130. I feel sorry for the next opponent for the Elite because these guys have to be upset about the close loss at home in a game where they were up by 14 headed into the 4th period.

Wisconsin Game Changers———-Steven Baker has been putting up numbers all year by dominating the league with his flawless scoring ability while also making his team better. The Game Changers have not only been taking care of business on the court but also off the court by mentoring to a lot of youth using the platform they were blessed with so keep an eye out for the Changers in the community.

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