Interim tag removed from Coach Mohlis title

Owner/Gm Gary Rima of the Cedar Valley CourtKings has announced that the ‘interim’ tag on Head Coach Michael Mohlis title has been removed. “Coach Mo will be our head coach for the rest of this season so we are removing the interim part of that,” stated Rima. “He has earned it, coupled with the fact that our head coach from last year, Stan Hughes, is not going to be able to join us this season as his rehabilitation from a major surgery has taken a lot longer than he or any of us thought. Coach Mohlis was our top assistant coach last year and that is why when Coach Hughes couldn’t coach the team when this season started we made Coach Mohlis the interim head coach until Stan could return but as we have learned he will not be able to coach this season. Stan will work behind the scenes for our team as our ‘Player Placement Director’ trying to find overseas or other playing possibilities for our players when the season ends. I would also like to mention that our assistant coaches have done an outstanding job also. Coach Billy Campbell has been a big part of this years success and 10-0 start to the season and we would not be where we are at today with out his huge contribution to the team in his first year on the staff. Assistant Coach Mike Sorenson’s contribution and work is a big part of what we are trying to do for our players also and is greatly appreciated!”
The Cedar Valley CourtKings return home for two big home games this weekend. After playing the last 3 on the road and 7 of their first 10 away from home your CourtKings are home this Saturday night vs the TC Elite, owned and coached by former WNBA star Tamara Moore and then Sunday night the ‘Kings host the Minnesota Broncos. Both games start at 7:30pm and are played in the Cedar Valley SportsPlex in Waterloo. Saturday nights game is sponsored by Karen’s Print Rite and Sunday night is ‘Dupaco Night with the CourtKings’. You can buy tickets at the door the day of the game or online at!

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