CourtKings Start to Season Pushed Back

March 31, 2020; Waterloo, Iowa

The latest news from The OBA on the start of the season;

Hello Cedar Valley CourtKings & OBA League Fans, Players, Owners, & Teams we wanted to give you a new update for the potential start of the 2020 OBA League Season

We are going to be moving the start of the 1st Inaugural OBA League season to Memorial day weekend. We initially wanted to kickoff April 18/19 but due to the new SOCIAL DISTANCING imposed by Trump of April 30th we updated our dates.

That should give ALL of our teams about 8-9 regular season games or 1/2 a regular season. The playoff format will stay the same. A lot of teams do not have access to their gym or arena until after early May so we will re address this start time and the season after May 2/3 weekend.

IF we get to Mid May and things are not opening back up across the country for all of our teams we may go with moving the first official OBA season to the spring/summer of 2021.

If that happens, we would like to play some ‘friendly’ or exhibition games in June and or July for teams who can play and have a gym available.

We are trying to do what is not only best for our coaches, players and fans but the best interest of the OBA brand and what we want it to be.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

CEO- Tamara Moore
COO- KB Brown
Commissioner Gary Rima

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