CourtKings put the league on ice with win over the Minnesota Rangers

This game was either going to shake up the standings or again prove the dynasty that the CourtKings are building. On this day, the latter prevailed. With a CourtKing win 126-117 over the #2 ranked Minnesota Rangers.

“Don’t fall in love with the 3-ball.” Interim Head Coach Michael Mohlis said following the win over the Minnesota Broncos on May 20.

For the Rangers, you can’t help what you fall in love with. At times during the 1st half, the Minnesota Rangers looked closer to the Minnesota Warriors. With contested and blatantly open 3-pointers being capitalized on from all angles. Putting the CourtKings down by 11-points at one juncture, during the 2nd quarter. The Rangers seemed to fall head-over-heels in love with the 3-ball and it paid off in a 67-60 1st half lead.

At the start of the 3rd quarter, the 3-ball began to act unfaithfully to the Rangers.  As the CourtKings easily made up the 7-point deficit, courtesy of an onslaught of 3-point shots.

“We were just trying to find a way to win when teams make runs.” Coach Mohlis said. “We won that 3rd quarter by 7 it was good to get back to 0-0, where our leaders then stepped up.”

The team also started to shift faster and more efficiently on defense. So fast in fact, the driving lanes that were there in the first half vanished like snow on the first day of summer.

“Raijon Kelly was huge down the stretch for us, he made a lot of defensive stops.” Coach Mohlis said.

When the 3rd quarter began, the score was notched up at 93-93. Making most of the fans drool from a possible classic to unfold in front of their retinas. However, the CourtKings felt differently; much differently. Starting the 4th quarter, the win was obtainable for either team, you just needed the guts to go and grab it. The CourtKings took hold of the saddle early in the 4th and never let go. The Rangers were too gassed to answer back and the CourtKings outscored them 33-24 in the quarter.

The largest trend that this game continued upon was the immense CourtKing depth. In the meeting between the CourtKings and the Minnesota Broncos on May 20 Raheem Tyner dropped 33 points. On the very next night vs. the Rangers, Anthony James and Aundre Hicks alike, scored 26 points. And in the past Raijon Kelly has done just the same. One of the reasons the CourtKings are still undefeated is the ability for any of the starting five and beyond, to lead the team in scoring.

“We are a deep team. Last night Raheem had 33, we can go 10-11 players deep.” Hicks said.

Coming up for the CourtKings is 5 out of 6 at home. This will likely be a breath of fresh air for the team.

“It’ll be great to be in front of our home crowd and have a little fun.” Hicks said.










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