CourtKings own Michael Mohlis named MBL head coach of the year

Coach Michael Mohlis as of June 28, has won the Midwest Basketball League coach of the year award.

” The award means a lot to me and I am truly honored to have won it.” Mohlis said. “I never once thought about the award. Focus has always been game by game.”

Though it wasn’t a narrow path to this award as some might think. When the season began back in early April and the reins of the team were handed from Stan Hughes to Mohlis the title of ‘interim’ rang in people’s heads. Interim head coach of the CourtKings, Mohlis was put directly under the shadow of coach Hughes (last season’s MBL Championship winning head coach) and was told, ‘coach Hughes will be back with the team in two to three weeks’. Essentially making Mohlis a stand-in, one the team hoped and believed would carry on the championship basketball tradition, until the team’s real head coach came back from surgery.

“There was pressure to continue what Stan did his first year building his organization and team.” Mohlis said.

The problem was two weeks went past and then three, four, and five. Hughes had no more time-table and the best move for the team was to name a new permanent head coach. So when May 23 came around the team pulled the trigger and removed the interim tag on Mohlis’s title. This was to both to ensure the players of no more coaching changes that might mess with the chemistry and flow, while also congratulating Mohlis on being undefeated in every game he had ever coached. The CourtKings were sitting pretty on top of the western conference 10-0, matching and even exceeding expectations one might have for a defending championship team. Except this team had to go a step farther, they were 10-0 while having to rebuild the coach-player trust Hughes had the prior season.

Mohlis as many know, ended the season with a perfect 16-0 record. Which not even coach Hughes produced in his championship season. This dominance took the entire MBL by storm. Not flinching, not hesitating to cut their opponents at the neck. Proving again and again that the CourtKings led by Mohlis were the league’s best team. And it didn’t matter if they were having a bad night, or were facing a huge rival like the Minnesota Rangers on the road, Mohlis’s mid-game adjustments as well as halftime motivation was always enough to help his team find a way to win.

“My goal as a head coach is to constantly learn and grow.” Mohlis explained. “To help these guys improve and give them a chance to play and follow their dreams.”

Round one of the MBL western conference playoffs starts this Saturday at our Waterloo SportsPlex as the number one ranked CourtKings will be going up against the Minnesota Broncos, tip-off at 7:30. Come watch some more historically good basketball and if you see coach Mohlis, congratulate him on the award! Let’s pack the arena on Saturday and as always: #JumpOnTheTrain!

“The effort from my assitant coaches, Gary [Rima], and our players made this all possible.” Mohlis recapped.


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