CourtKings over the Minnesota Broncos in chippy battle

When the CourtKings play as hard and as fierce as they did tonight, one might ask: Will this year’s Cedar Valley CourtKing team ever lose a game? This presently unanswerable question continues as the Minnesota Broncos were put in a headlock by the CourtKings as the big-brother does, when you decide to rough-house with him before dinner. The final score was: 146-117.

Halfway through the 2nd quarter of the game, the CourtKings were sitting pretty with 8 fouls in the quarter alone.

“It’s hard to play in these away games. A  lot of calls won’t go our way.” David Stanley (18 points) said.

These calls slowed down the team’s momentum for some time and allowed the Broncos to dig their way out of the 20-plus point hole they put themselves in. That was until Eric Coleman was hit hard by 3 Bronco players while attempting a shot late in the 2nd. This hard-foul among others, seemed to light a passionate fire beneath the CourtsKings and with great shot variation and stout defense,  the Broncos started to slowly cripple under the 1st ranked CourtKing’s pressure. This last run before the end of the 1st half put the CourtKings over the Minnesota Broncos 73-52 with comfortable enough cushion to sleepwalk their way to a brutal and unrelenting second half.

The second half resulted in more of the same for the CourtKings; outstanding shooting from behind the arc. This barrage trampled the hopes and dreams of the Broncos who had no idea how to defend the plentiful wing-scorers the CourtKings have in their toolbelt. 

“We hit a lot of threes. But try not to fall in love with the three too much.” CourtKing Interim Head Coach Michael Mohlis said.

This 3-point centered playing style has been very present for the CourtKings this season. The strategy has after all carried the team to a presently undefeated season. Though as Coach Mohlis might tell his players: Live by the 3, die by the 3. The only thing is, when the CourtKings are living by the 3, no one in the league so far has had the firepower to match this team blow for blow.

This win marks a 9-0 record for the CourtKings who are also poetically the defending champions of the Midwest Basketball League. Tomorrow (May 21 at 3 PM CT) the CourtKings will be going up against the 2nd ranked Minnesota Rangers in a pivotal in-conference battle.

More noteworthy stats:

Aundre Hicks – 13 pts, 8 rebs, 7 asts

Raheem Tyner – 33 pts, 2 rebs, 1 ast

Eric Coleman – 20 pts, 8 rebs, 4 asts

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