CourtKings over Minnesota Broncos again in a nail-biter

Winner winner! The CourtKings elude more than a fair share of Minnesota Bronco runs to proceed to 12-0. Ending score: 121-113.

The CourtKings started the game small. Obviously planning to outrun and outshoot the Broncos.  And small they played especially allowing countless second chance rebounds to be fished in. Mostly by Bronco leading scorer, Akeem Cubie. Who at the time averaged 30-plus PPG. The only problem for the Broncos was this simple basketball law: there is no conceivable defense that can stop a great shooter. Aundre Hicks proved this law in order to keep the CourtKings afloat early, accounting for 10 of the CourtKings 34 in the first quarter.

“They gave me an opportunity to do that. The court was really spread.” Hicks said. “I figured I’d put the team on my shoulders.”

The Broncos hung around all through the second quarter. They didn’t gain much ground, they just hung around. Teams trading blows like a prime-time matchup in rock em sock em robots. At moments Anthony James would drive to the rim for a clean double-clutch layup and seconds later the Broncos would answer. The first half was all CourtKings though, don’t get that twisted; 53-44.

The Broncos did more than hang around in the 3rd quarter; they made noise. After a 12-4 run, a Broncos guard banged his chest and proclaimed to anybody who would listen, “Lets go!” Encapsulating a feeling the CourtKings are rare to let their opponents feel; confidence. This confidence was short-lived due to the CourtKing’s notorious depth and stamina. The Broncos then unraveled due to frustration and even racked up an unnecessary technical foul to go with that frustration. After 3, CourtKings led Broncos 83-74.

“At times when we don’t stay disciplined, our team breaks down, and teams make runs.” CourtKings head coach Michael Mohlis said.

The bright side of the 4th quarter: the CourtKings are 12-0. The ugly part: the Broncos were allowed to come back to make it a game. With 3-minutes left the game result was up in the air. But then Raheem Tyner decided to extinguish the threat. Tyner got the ball on the right block, pump faked his defender into the air, and connected for an and-one bucket. This more or less ended any chance the Broncos had from knocking off the undefeated CourtKings.

“It’s real good for our team to be put in that situation. We had to battle through adversity. They gave us a huge battle.” Mohlis said.

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