CourtKings Fly by MBL Select

WATERLOO, Iowa—The Cedar Valley CourtKings played host to the MBL Select team tonight at the Cedar Valley SportsPlex. The CourtKings flew by the MBL Select Team, 130-83.

The CourtKings jumped out to an 11-1 lead in the opening minutes of the game. They would not relinquish the lead the entire game.

“You could tell they played together,” Carlos Emory of the MBL Select commented. “We overlooked our opponent. Our defense is the best way to create the offense.”

Carlos Emory would have 23 points for the MBL Select.

The largest CourtKings lead would be a 51-point gap, during the fourth quarter. The MBL Select team was able to get within 10 points, during the second quarter.

“(They) outplayed us. Put it to us right from the get-go,” said AJ Wilson of the MBL Select. “We beat ourselves.”

“(We) shared the ball (and) looked for the open man,” LaDon Singleton remarked. “We knew we had to come on the defensive end today.”

All CourtKings players played and scored in the game. The CourtKings got six players in double figures. Andre Norris led the CourtKings with 27 points. Anthony James hit the 22-point mark. Lamar Wall and Marvin Singleton had 19 and 18 points, respectively. LaDon Singleton and Alex Coleman each had 10 points.

Aundre’ Hicks had 6 assists in the first five minutes of action. LaDon Singleton had 8 rebounds.

“We came out aggressive,” said Lamar Wall. “(We were) mentally focused coming into the game.”

Both players and coach Stan Hughes commented that this next bye week is a chance to get healthy and injuries taken care of.

“I am very proud of the guys,” said head coach Stan Hughes. “We picked it up on the defensive end. (And) it’s more impressive to me to get 4-6 guys in double figures. They (MBL Select) underestimated us.”

“Cedar Valley CourtKings are a great rebounding team,” stated MBL Select head coach Michael Wright. “If you don’t put a body of them, it’s going to be a long night.”


The CourtKings return to action on July 9 at 1 p.m. They will travel to Minnesota to take on the Minnesota Rangers.




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