CourtKings continue to rule league with win over TC Elite

The CourtKings defend home-base 110-81 over the TC Elites. This improves the team to 11-0. But don’t take the score for granted, the 1st half was anything but a cake walk for Cedar Valley.

There were stretches in the first quarter you might doubt the possibility that either of these teams were capable of missing open and well-defended jumpshots alike. A great representation of this phenomenon occurred in the opening minutes of the game. TC Elite guard Quincy Bethea Jr. used every dribbling move in the book to find any space to no avail. The CourtKings had locked him up with a smartly planned double-team. Without ample space, Bethea faded away in the right corner, double-teamed, and sank a shot so unmakeable and accurately defended, the crowd didn’t know whether to cheer or scan the area to make sure God hadn’t made a surprise appearance.

This carried over to the second quarter for a while, even at one point resulting in a CourtKing deficit. Mostly because during this time, TC Elite forward Sam Kenyi could have easily been making a YouTube tutorial on sealing the post . The fundamental alone rattled the small line-up the CourtKings were running at the time. This all changed, when Terry Carter took the wind from their majorly inflated sails. Courtesy of a body-bending dunk. One that like many other occasions fueled a CourtKing run and regained the lead for a 51-47 halftime score.

“It was a tough 1st half for us.” CourtKing head coach Michael Mohlis said.

The then 10-0 CourtKings stuck to the blueprint starting the second half: wait until the opposing team is gassed, display depth, and go on a pancaking run. And don’t think twice about it, the Elites were gassed. Even with 4 bench players, the team couldn’t catch their breath the entire quarter. Since most of the time it appeared as if the TC Elite bench were more used as placeholders than noteworthy spark plugs. The 3rd quarter ended in an 11-point lead for the CourtKings.

“We have so many guys we can play. With that depth we can limit some minutes and find the guys that will get going.” Mohlis said.

If you are a TC Elite fan, the 4th quarter was the perfect time to abandon hope and head to your van. To illustrate this point, CourtKings guard Anthony James dribbled the ball up the court, up by 20-plus points  in the 4th and essentially walked into a wide open 3-point shot. Showing the soul-sucking 2nd half the Elites played. Gassed, outsized, and frankly a little scared.   

Kelly, a leader of the CourtKings was kept out most of the 1st half with an injury to his left eye. This in theory, should have hindered the CourtKings, but they seemed to have no trouble with and without Kelly tonight.

“Raijon Kelly didn’t play, he got hit in tht eye.” Mohlis said. “We missed his prescense in the 1st half.”

Tomorrow the CourtKings will finish the weekend by playing the Minnesota Broncos at 7:30. This will be held at the Cedar Valley SportsPlex, come out and support the undefeated CourtKings!

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