Cedar Valley CourtKings: The Pursuit of Perfection

On March 17, when Michael Mohlis was given the interim head coaching job for the CourtKings, it was because he deserved it. But ultimately this decision was forced due to Stan Hughes, last season’s head coach, having complications with this health. After news came of this coaching shift, many thought the CourtKings might need a few games to gel, get their barrings with new management, and then the wins would start rolling in once again. The untested recipe: a new head coach, players clocking in and out from their basketball teams over-seas, and having the pressure of defending the MBL title. All of this pointed to the CourtKings having a down year, this recipe had a decent change of failing. But instead something happened, the team clicked, the rotations were flawless, and coach Mohlis with the help of the ever-deep CourtKings and owner Gary Rima are one home win away (vs. the Kentucky Flash on June 24th at 7:30 in the SportsPlex) from a perfect regular season; 16-0.

Except let’s back it up, back to when the team was finding it’s rhythm. Back before expectations were high as the sky.

It was April 15, the CourtKings were taking a trip to the Windy City to go up against a Goliath at home, the Fury. The CourtKings were 2-0 at the time and had no aspirations that they could and would be 15-0 in late June of that same regular season. The Fury in the history of their team had never lost a home game. This set itself up to be a statement game for the young Mohlis. One that would tell the entire MBL, ‘I’m the new CourtKings head coach, and I’m no push-over.’ But these games do come with pressure.

“I want to win. I don’t like to lose.” Coach Mohlis explained.

In the face of pressure, the CourtKings and Coach Mohlis not only won the game vs. the Fury, but they also won by 33-points! A ‘never before’ for the Fury became ‘once by a lot’ in minutes. The CourtKings were a legit contender once again, and Coach Mohlis was at the helm of it all.

“We leave the egos outside those four lines.” Eric Coleman said. “All CourtKings, no individuals.”

The next challenge came in the form of two road games straight. Against the now, 2nd and 3rd ranked teams in the MBL. The Fort Wayne Vizion and the Minnesota Rangers. These are the games, a fan, would circle on his calendar before the season begins. The Vizion because they constantly give the eastern conference a powerhouse. The Rangers because during the 2016 MBL Championship the CourtKings faced off against the Rangers for all the glory and as we know the CourtKings prevailed. Winning these games would mean the team could win anywhere at anytime.

“I think back to winning back to back away games against the Vizion and the Rangers.” Mohlis said. “That was the point where we really knw it could be a special season.”

The CourtKings from that point on, cruised. Winning games by 20+, 30+, and the team never looked back; until now. Until now, as the team has a chance to do the improbable. Do what years upon years of sporting teams has attempted and felt short trying. The CourtKings on Saturday night at the SportsPlex will reach for undefeated; perfect, and hope to reach it.

“A win Saturday would be my 1st undefeated season on any level.” Eric Coleman said. “That would be pretty special because that’s not done in any sport very often if at all.”

So as the Mohlis led CourtKings take on the Flash at home tonight, don’t hesitate and get yourself to the Waterloo SportsPlex for the 7:30 tip-off. This game will either be a historical occurrence for the MBL and sport alike, or a rare time you see the CourtKings get out-played. Either way, you will be seeing a game that will be not soon forgotten.

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