Cedar Valley CourtKings Find a Home in the Waterloo Sportsplex

Waterloo is quickly (and quietly, thus far) turning into a sports-oriented city. Almost every Waterloo resident has enjoyed a few beverages at Waterloo Blackhawk games or eaten their fair share of hot dogs and cracker jacks in the blistering heat at Waterloo Bucks games, but on April 23, 2016, there will be a new sports contender on the block. Ladies and gentlemen I bring your attention to the newly formed Cedar Valley CourtKings.

With basketball growing in popularity throughout the Cedar Valley, Gary Rima (Owner, Cedar Valley CourtKings), saw an opportunity to enhance the live sporting event experience in Waterloo. With the Blackhawks taking the majority of the winter and the Bucks playing almost daily throughout the summer, the inaugural season of the Midwest Basketball League decided to play it’s games in the Spring.

However, one problem remained; where were the CourtKings going to play their home games? The decision was an easy one, though, as just a few blocks from Young Arena (home of the Waterloo Blackhawks) stands a massive, beautiful new facility: The Cedar Valley SportsPlex.

Courtesy Photo: Cardinal Construction

The final steps into creating successful addition to the Waterloo sports community is to field a full team. Several tactics have been used such as signing former University of Northern Iowa players and hosting open-door tryouts. However, the CourtKings remain a few players shy of having a full roster. Watch this page for upcoming player tryout posts or continue to follow the sports section of the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.

Featured Image Courtesy Photo: Cedar Valley Sportsplex

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