Anthony James and CourtKings tame Lions

To sum up this game in 6 words: Anthony James amazing in steamy gym. And on the back of James (32 points), the CourtKings are now 13-0 and on cloud-9, final score (109-87). To be frank, the first half was much more noteworthy than the second. Competition flowed in the first half. Competition that begged someone, anyone, to break the basketball stalemate that was occurring. Anthony James answered the call.

Almost immediately you could tell this game was manipulated by a home-court-like advantage. Though a bigger variable that felt even more visible during the 1st-quarter was the unceasing away-team disadvantage. The CourtKings looked uncomfortable early, like the entire team was visiting a universal grandmother who insists on plastic wrapping her couches. But Anthony James had enough, and late in the 1st, stood up for the team by tearing off the plastic, and hitting four huge three-pointers in the first quarter. If the crowd didn’t know he was hot after the first three went through the net, the forth three-pointer that rattled in, was a bank-shot from the wing. Again illustrating the depth of superstars the CourtKings wield. But for some reason, the Lions held a lead through it all, 29-27 after one.

After Anthony James held the team in the game in the 1st. The entire team shook off the dust and dusted the Lions. Quickly gaining steam, looking every bit as much like the 12-0 team they were. Leaning back on the ever-inconsistent 3-ball was risky, but when you shoot like the CourtKings did in the 2nd quarter, the deep shot becomes too enticing to pass up.

Another story-line in the 1st half was the dunk wizard; Terry Carter.┬áDunking, rebounding, and blocking all over the Lions. Displaying the many ways this immense athlete can and will contribute to the team. The quadruple threat. The dunk Carter threw down in the 1st quarter almost had you asking the rim if it’s feeling had been hurt. Almost had you wondering if the structural integrity of the backboard had been compromised. Terry Carter continues to be a reliable fuel source for the CourtKings. 1st half score: 60-46 CourtKings over Lions. Anthony James with 25 points (Six 3-pointers).

As the second half commenced, you may have wondered to yourself, how and why the CourtKings had such trouble taming the Lions in the first half. Raheem Tyner began imposing himself, the CourtKings forgot had to miss, and the lead inflated to 20+ points because of it. The third quarter ended 83-64.

A final push came in the 4th quarter for the Lions. A push that got the fans off their feet. The only problem was, this run came far too late. So late in fact, following the 10+ point run for the Lions, they still trailed by 9-points. When a crowd is near-psychotic from being within 10-points of the CourtKings, you know you are building a dynasty.

Up next for the CourtKings is three-straight home games. The team is still striving for perfection, come see if they can reach it!


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