2017 MBL Championship: CourtKings vs. Vision

The still undefeated CourtKings will be playing in the MBL championship July 8th at 7:30 in the Houston State University gym. This game will be played against the Fort Wayne Vision. It will also be a chance for the CourtKings to win back to back MBL championships. Obviously, that is a difficult feat at face value, but they are also undefeated this season which adds just a few more layers of pressure and expectation.

“The Vision are a team with a high powered offense.” CourtKings head coach Michael Mohlis said. “They even have depth similar to us.”

The CourtKings won most of their games based on two factors: skill and depth. With that being said, these two teams clashed earlier this season when a 5-0 CourtKings team were rolling. The CourtKings gained an early lead of 16-points and with the Vision’s similar depth could not pull away. The CourtKings and Vision struggled back and forth that night in Indiana, until the CourtKings held on. Not a domination, a hold on.

“They made a run and we held them off late.” Mohlis said.

Holding off a team with a player of the caliber of Reggie Lytle is a scary first meeting. In basketball terms, the Vision are a great match-up for the CourtKings and will be back for blood this time around.

“We did a good job shutting down Reggie Lytle early in the game [first meeting].” Mohlis said.

With 2008 undefeated Patriots-type pressure looming, the CourtKings need to strap in, calculate their movements based on what MBL coach of the year Michael Mohlis tells them, and play the game that has accounted for a 16-0 record.

“With this game, defending their guards without fouling is important.” Mohlis game planned

A noteworthy loss for the CourtKings is PF/C Eric Coleman.

“We will be without [Coleman] so our guys need to step up in rebounding.” Mohlis finished.

Since the game will be held in Houston, the best way to support the team may be via the internet. To listen into the game live: https://cvcourtkings.com/listen-live/

Listen to John Leo as he tries to decipher the flow of the game on site. More importantly, go CourtKings!




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